Anything you do to help animals makes a difference!



Here are some ideas:


  • Spay and neuter your pets!
  • Tell everyone you know about the importance of spaying and neutering.  Help inform the world and stop the overpopulation!
  • Practice TNR of feral cat populations. Check out our links for help.
  • Come to an event and help us pass out flyers and educate the public.  We host many events in the Atlanta area!
  • Hang spay-and-neuter flyers everywhere you go: at the dog park, on bulletin boards, at your local shelter.  Ask the managers of your favorite businesses if you can leave a stack of flyers for other customers.
  • Put a spay-and-neuter bumper sticker or magnet on your car.  Spread the word by giving the person behind you something to read!
  • Place a spay-and-neuter banner on your website, blog or Facebook page.
  • Wear pro-animal and spay-and-neuter t-shirts and merchandise.  Get the word out and look good doing it!
  • Write letters to the editors of magazines, newspapers, online journals about the importance of spay-and-neuter.  Check out our site or links for help.
  • Donate your time and skill as a prize in our raffle.  Are you an artist, an electrician, a dog trainer, a landscaper?